Suf / O mundo é nosso

Unveiling yet another project filled with great sensitivity, supported by Bruno Sena and alongside childhood friends, Paulo Nascimento presents "Suf / O Mundo é nosso ("The World is Ours"), a film that paves the way for a unique journey in the lives of POLIANA, Pedro Santos, Malcolm VL, Arthur Militão, Kauan Gabriel & MAYÍ in the Cidade de Deus occupation in São Paulo, Brazil. Nascimento portrays a side of the favela that we are not accustomed to seeing in the media: a community thriving through art. Amidst the temporary relief from weapons and violence, what we discover through the director's eyes is the possibility of a peaceful life within an occupation fighting for housing and basic rights such as sanitation, education, and security. The strength of this cast of young emerging artists helps us understand that, even in situations of neglect by the government, it is indeed possible to find happiness and hope in a new generation.

Suf: Skate Urban Family – O Mundo É Nosso

Director: Paulo Nascimento

Creative Direction: Bruno Sena, Paulo Nascimento & Henrique Ve.

Director of Photography: Danilo Arenas Ireijo

Art Direction: Lucas Fidelis

Soundtrack: Yaminah Mello, Caue Kishimoto Borges & Silas Barreto

Audio Production: Silas Barreto & SARÇA films

Editing: Bruno Alves

Color: Erick Moraes

Production Company: Kaus Film

Production: Paulo Nascimento & Ray Silva

Production Assistant: @anjosxr Ray Silva, Douglas Cavalcante

Sound: Pier Valencise

Logger: Danilo Arenas

Gaffer: Jailson Lessa

Objects Production: Ana Arêas

Stagehand: Bruno Scander

Stagehand Assistance: Gabriel Dornelles

Set Assistant: Thiago Pardi

Styling Direction: Samir Bertoli

Styling Assistance: Saulo Bertoli and Wando Rodrigues

Cast: POLIANA, Pedro Santos, Malcolm VL, Arthur Militão, Kauan Gabriel & MAYÍ

Makeup: Sara Reis

Effects: Lero Eventos

Suf: Skate urban family


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