Bruno Baptistelli meets Vinicius Costa

Since the second half of the 2000s, Bruno Baptistelli has been developing his artistic practice through several mediums, especially assemblage ...


LISTENING ROOM by The Mixtape Club

The Mixtape Club is a record shop and music community based in New York. Our platform for music sharing and discovery began in 2009 and has released over 700 mixtapes from passionate people around the globe. In 2016 our shop opened – specializing in vinyl records and cassettes; new releases, original pressings and reissued rarities. 

Hiroshi Yoshimura -

An ambient masterpiece by new age pioneer Hiroshi Yoshimura. “If Surround can be listened to as music that’s as close to air itself, allowing us to enter each listener’s sound scenery, or as something that exists within a new perspective, expanding the middle ground between sound and music, and transforming it into a comfortable space, it would be much appreciated."

Isaiah Collier -
Parallel Universe

Chicago-based innovator and educator Isaiah Collier is opening up new dimensions in the jazzwise continuum with a new chapter in his musical journey. Featuring gospel soul singer Jimetta Rose, AACM and former Art Ensemble of Chicago trumpet player Corey Wilkes, blues-rooted guitarist Michael Damani, regular collaborators Julian Davis Reid, James Russell Sims and Micah Collier.

Akin Nathan’s Ijama -
Sweet Country

Nathan’s Ijama 1982 solo outing by seasoned saxophonist who featured on several albums but was chiefly known for his tenure with Sonny Okosun’s Ozziddi. Reissued by our friends at Second Hand Records via Bring It Back records.


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