Bruno Baptistelli meets Vinicius Costa

Since the second half of the 2000s, Bruno Baptistelli has been developing his artistic practice through several mediums, especially assemblage ...


LISTENING ROOM by The Mixtape Club

The Mixtape Club is a record shop and music community based in New York. Our platform for music sharing and discovery began in 2009 and has released over 700 mixtapes from passionate people around the globe. In 2016 our shop opened – specializing in vinyl records and cassettes; new releases, original pressings and reissued rarities. 

Lars Bartkuhn -

Nomad is an album that draws inspiration from the transformative nature of the desert, presenting it as a vast yet beautiful landscape that challenges individuals to discover themselves before finding a way out. It combines Bartkuhn's immersive ambient explorations from Dystopia with the rhythmic elements of his early deep house explorations. The album effortlessly showcases Bartkuhn's musical personality, crafting warm, colorful soundscapes that defy categorization.

Conjunto Papa Upa -
Fruta Madura

Imagine a Latin remake of Back to the Future. The mad scientist is Arsenio Rodriguez (the godfather of salsa) and the young student who travels through time with him is Eblis Alvarez (Meridian Brothers). This album can only be described as the perfect soundtrack for that movie that never was.

DJ Notoya presents -
Funk Tide

Following the success of the ‘Tokyo Glow’ compilation, Wewantsounds once again teams up with Japanese Tokyo-based DJ Notoya to dig the rich Electric Bird catalogue and come with a versatile selection of sunny Jazz-Funk gems recorded between 1978 and 1987 for the label. A tasty selection featuring Yasuaki Shimizu, Toshiyuki Honda and Mikio Masuda, together with a few American musicians such as Ronnie Foster and Bobby Lyle. Most tracks make their vinyl debut outside of Japan and the album has been designed by Optigram/Manuel Sepulveda and is annotated by DJ Notoya. Audio newly remastered in Tokyo by King Records.


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