In a collaborative effort, Artur Ratton and Lilka Hara present 'Noctilucent' as a defining component of the feature film project 'DIP.' Located in the dynamic center of New York's Ballroom culture, 'DIP' ventures beyond the confines of traditional filmmaking by blending documentary authenticity with surrealistic visual elements. This narrative celebrates the expressive world of Vogue as a powerful, non-violent stand against systemic oppression.

Within ‘Noctilucent,’ the auditory landscape crafted by ambient music artists Karen Vogt and Rodrigo Stradiotto wraps the audience in a captivating atmosphere, creating a striking contrast as time stretches across a dreamlike, sunlit terrain. This segment extends an invitation to viewers for deep reflection and collective witness, prompting an exploration of transformative experiences on both a personal and societal level

Directors: Lilka Hara & Artur Ratton

Cinematography: Erick Munari & Artur Ratton

Performance artist: Pretty

Color by: Erick Moraes

Produced by: NYC3


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