In Dialogue with Marta Araújo

During the pandemic, a time when we were all wondering about what the future would be, I realized it was a perfect opportunity to finally collaborate with artists I have been admiring. So I invited this great group of people who helped me to bring my vision to life.

“In Dialogue with Marta Araújo” started from a conversation about the female body, displacement, memories, space, shifts in society. The pieces (“clothes”) are composed of fabrics that in rounded shapes allows the person to enter and move around creating its own narrative and trajectory. While this body is free, it is trapped – a feeling that we all had to get used to.

Marta Araújo is a Brazilian sculptor and performance artist who influenced us in the search and exploration of the body as a powerful representation of its limitations and freedom.

The project resulted in a series of photographs that were part of the group exhibition “Living Through a Pandemic” at the Brazilian Consulate in 2022, curated by Luciana Solano. Also, a video in partnership with Lee Landell, selected in 2023 for the exhibition “The Magic Silver Show: Elena Diane Curris Juried Photomedia Exhibition 2023.” A big thank you to the juror Frances Jakubek.

Art Direction / Concept & Photography: Anita Goes

Art Direction / Cinematography: Lee Landell

Concept & Textile Art: Julia Brandão

Concept & Interpretation: Suzie Rzecznik

Music: Livia Nestrovski & Henrique Eisenmann


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