Where can we go from here when today is identical to yesterday and no future is near?
DRIFT’s questioning wanderer, equally justified in their detachment and overwhelm as in their wonder and clarity, understands that the world they inhabit holds nothing for them. The rover sifts through inner dialogues on nihilism, determined to uncover something greater than their own history.

Shot through a voyeuristic lens, DRIFT follows a nomad cruising down beaten paths in search of a community ready to seek a different kind of wild; a wilderness free from the perpetual squalor of a hopeless nation. DRIFT’s virtuosic, intensely musical spoken word and hauntingly rich visual poetry give form to the powerful urgency of present-day human migration through the conception, direction and writings of vAL.

DRIFT.wave comes to Art Dialogues as one of three transposable parts that make up DRIFT.

vAL is an adopted identity of artist Corey Scott-Gilbert. vAL’s agenda is to further understand the mental state from which creation springs; concerned with sketches of possibility unconfined by genre, gender, demographic or any other limitation placed on the individual by society. The artist’s personal history of movement serves as a vehicle for interrogating their own breath, often collaging word-play and physical utterance which often serve as the foundation for their multidisciplinary playgrounds.

vAL uses each creative process as an opportunity to analyze and rediscover truths that forge beyond current conformities to make space for alternative realities of otherness. 

Concept, Text, Direction: vAL

Performance: Corey Scott-Gilbert

Videography: Stylianos Tsatsos


Mix + Master: Neda Sanai

Special Thanks to Krsn Brasko +Tobias Ebling + Ariel Freedman

DRIFTwave. 2023. Video (Color, sound), 06:20 min.

To know more about the artist: coreyscottgilbert.com 


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